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Leveraging our expertise in manufacturing, technology, and operational excellence, we offer to partner with businesses to assist them in scaling their business.

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In 2021 OSL Group partnered with Masuku, a business that has created the world’s most sustainable face mask. Masuku opened a multi-million-pound face-mask factory in Rotherham, close to OSL Group’s Headquarters.

Leveraging our expertise in manufacturing, technology, and operational excellence, we supported Masuku to provide an off-the-peg manufacturing system. Providing OSL Group’s current cloud-based system allowed Masuku to start their manufacturing business with core competencies such as finance, HR, Health and Safety, and procurement to be provided from day one by the OSL Group. Using the Group ERP infrastructure, Masuku could access custom build processes, governance, and, most notably, people – saving time for Masuku while connecting them to best-in-class functionality.

OSL Group’s project team also assisted the setup of the Manufacturing site, including finding and agreeing on the site and recruitment of the Rotherham team.

OSL Group continues to provide operational support to the team at Masuku as the project grows and develops alongside the existing business. The critical central team across the Group comprised of finance, systems, strategic procurement, H&S, and HR provide benefits allowing each of our divisions, including Masuku, to benefit from standard best practices, more creative business transactional processes while eliminating duplication of activity between divisions.

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What is next for OSL and Masuku?

Going forward, OSL will continue to provide operational support services as the Masuku project grows and develops alongside OSL’s existing businesses.

As part of our group’s plans for the expansion of our own core divisions, we are committed to a program of investment in the skills and resource necessary to ensure that we can continue to develop these divisions organically and by acquisition.

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OSL Group Core Values


Our people are a core part of our success. As we have a large team at the OSL group it is crucial that we can work together to help the business achieve its objective.


We rely on the integrity of our team to be trusted to perform in their role to the best of their ability.


Safety is of paramount importance to our group. We provide a safe working environment, yet we rely on every team member to perform their duties in a safe manner.


We are very ambitious and passionate about providing the best product and service to achieve our growth objectives. We look for ambitious, passionate people to join the team to help us to drive the company forward.


Quality is important across the entire business, whether that is quality of product or quality of procedure. We are looking for people to join us and to provide high quality outputs to deliver the best product and service.

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